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With over 200 apartments, UK Select specialises in providing quality, furnished apartments for short, medium and long-term rentals in London. + Info

UK Select offers a series of discounts to clients who stay with us on a long-term basis. Our apartments offer the perfect corporate solution. + Info

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We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of the properties we offer, whether it's a luxury apartment in the exclusive neighbourhood of Mayfair, or a penthouse overlooking the River Thames. + Visit

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Our Urban Club Card gives you exclusive access to a complete selection of products and services we believe give you that extra special touch, which you deserve as clients of UK Select. + Info

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Attention to Detail

Regardless of location, each one of our apartments has been hand-picked to meet the high standards that our clients have come to expect of UK Select properties. + Info

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We believe that although our product is important, it is the service that truly makes the difference to your accommodation experience. We offer all of our clients a wide range of services. + Info